Peerless Celebrates 100 Yr Anniversary!!!! 1913 – 2013

100thAnniversaryWhat do companies like Snyder’s-Lance, Kellogg, Campbell Soup Co. and The Kroger Company have in common with Peerless?  That sounds like and easy question… First, they all make food.  Second, they all use Peerless Mixers…. Third, they are all over 100 yrs old…. YES!!! That’s it!  Peerless Food Equipment celebrated a MAJOR milestone on January 7, 2013 –  that date marked the 100th year of business for Peerless – who started out at The Peerless Bread Machine Co. back in Sidney Ohio in 1913! 

Published is the Sidney Daily News on Jan 7, 1913

Jan. 7, 1913
The Standard Clutch Manufacturing Co. has been reorganized during the past few days and re-incorporated under the name of The Peerless Bread Machine Co. The new company has new capital interested and some new people interested. Organization was completed by electing E.J. Griffis, president; William Piper, vice president; F.X. Lauterbur, secretary and treasurer and general manager. Other members of the board of directors are: A.C. Getz and E.T. Custenborder. The new company has taken over the Standard Clutch plant and will manufacture and put on sale bread making machinery.

In a time and economy where the average age of a company is 15 years, it is incredible to think that Peerless has been around for 100 yrs.   This is a credit to the high quality of the machines produced by Peerless then… and now.  Peerless products have evolved over time, changed to meet the market needs and have added and retired brands.   The company still remains in Sidney Ohio – very close to the original site it begin on 100 yrs ago.

This year, Peerless Food Equipment will celebrate our 100 th anniversary ALL YEAR!!!   We hope you will help us celebrate too! Visit our website at Peerless Food to find out where we will be celebrating and stop by to join us!

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