Peerless Mixers – More Than Just Sliced Bread

hallmark-overall_WebPeerless has been in business for over 100 years. Most of that time has been spent mixing dough for bakeries who produce breads, crackers, bagels, cakes and cookies.  However, over the past few years, Peerless mixers have been finding their way into other types of food making facilities.

Peerless mixers are now in plants that mix different products such as pet food and treats, neutraceuticals and nutritional bars. With these adjacent  markets, Peerless is expanding our existing product line to serve different types of food manufacturing.

Pet Food picThe Pet Food Industry is one of the fastest growing markets and is expected to grow to US$74.8 billion by 2017.  Read more here! about the growing Pet Food Industry.

Today, more than ever, consumers are focused on pet food.   There are Pet Food Rating websites, Breeders Clubs that reward volume purchases and pet foods are now frequently labeled “Organic” , “Fresh” and “Premium”.   In the world of “Pet Parents” who want to provide the “Best for the Fur kid” –  “frozen”, “freeze dried” and “grain free” are advertising buzz words.  Peerless has a small presence in this market – our mixers mix pet treats that are cooled and extruded into chews, and are used in a few other pet food locations that use Peerless mixers for R&D projects.   This market is exploding, not only in the US, but around the world.  Keep an eye out for Peerless as we carefully expand in this industry!

neutraceuticals 2

Recently, new research was completed and report published titled the “North America Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017- Increasing Demand from Ageing Population to Drive Growth” .  This report  gives a comprehensive analysis of the industry past, present and future outlook.  To learn more about this report, click here!.

Statistics in this study include functional food, functional beverages and dietary supplements. Additionally the sub-segments of the industry, ongoing trends and developments, import and export scenario, government regulations and impact and highlight major players operating in the industry. The concept of nutraceuticals is very well prevalent in the North American region, with more than 60% of the population living in the US and Canada claiming themselves as a regular users of nutraceutical products.  The value growth recorded by the nutraceuticals sector in the North American region over the review period of 2006-2012 was 8.4%.   This market has a high growth potential for Peerless mixers as well.   Watch for us in this new market as well.

Peerless Mixer Bowl – The Heart Of It All

The definition of the word heart means the central or innermost part of something.  We’ve all heard the sayings “right in the heart of the city”, “home is where the heart is” and “the heart of a house is the kitchen”. Here at Peerless, we think  jacketed mixing bowls are the heart of our mixers.  So, Peerless developed a jacketed bowl with industry-leading features and benefits, all backed by a 5-year warranty.


Our jacketed bowl with the Patented  channels offers superior cooling efficiency,  significant bowl sheet support and end to end strengthening members.




The benefits of Peerless bowls include: 

  1. Improved cooling capacity
  2. Stronger bowl = longer life
  3. Superior heat exchange resulting in cooler dough
  4. Jacketed bowls come standard with a 5 Year Bowl Warranty

bowl pic 3 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON MIXER BOWL We provide a five (5) year warranty on the original jacketed mixer bowl for a Single Sigma, Double Sigma Mixer or High Speed Roller Bar Mixer. This will cover defects in material or workmanship for the bowl sheet, wrapper sheet and bowl jacket. This does not include customer misuse failures or ordinary wear items such as roller bar bushings, seals, bearings, o-rings, carrier chains, drive chain or belt, etc.

Contact Peerless today to find out how we can help your business –  with mixing. yellow bowl pic


Cool Down Your Dough with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System Options

The modern bakery has a variety of different doughs working for them today.  Some doughs work better chilled and others work better at a warmer temperature. The normal final dough temperature for breads and bun dough ranges between 75°F. to 80°F. 

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment


Products such as pizza or frozen dough have exit temperatures in the lower 70’s or cooler.  For cookies and pies; it’s even lower.  Cool down dough temperature with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System.  It is the solution to your temperature problems without adding ice, chilled water, flour and other ingredients to the mixer.  


Cold Bar FeaturesTPG_ColdBar

Our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System includes a refrigerated jacket, bowl ends and breaker bar.  It also comes with our exclusive refrigerated agitator bars.  When you combine the two systems, you have the largest refrigerated area in the industry where the dough is always in contact with a refrigerated surface, and you can lower the dough temperature up to 8-10 degrees compared with the standard jacket cooling. Glycol system is designed so that there are no jointed, moving elements in the product zone which is ideal for the production of English muffins, hamburger buns, bread and frozen doughs.

Cold Bar Maintenancesafety

Maintenance is important to ensure your mixer is working properly and to safeguard the long life of your equipment.  Monthly inspections are necessary to check for leaks in the agitator and proper lubrication assessments should be scheduled daily or monthly depending on the use of the machine.  See your Peerless Service Technician for any questions.


Bread pictureGluten Free seems to be the buzz word of the past 2 years.  Every magazine, newspaper and TV show is talking about gluten.  Restaurants are now offering menu items that are gluten-free.  Since when did eating a sandwich, pizza or a delectable dessert become so harmful?  Well, if you look at the surge in diabetes, celiac disease and over-all trend in healthy eating you can see why the everyday typical consumer demands such a product.

Gluten is the gluey protein that is in a lot of the things we eat on a daily basis.  Staples such as breads, pastas and cereals contain gluten which gives the baked goods their “full”,  “fluffy”  or “stretched” appearance.  Gluten is different from an animal protein, a protein in rice (a grain that doesn’t have gluten), or even a dairy protein because it is really hard for the human stomach to completely digest.  And just because you don’t have celiac disease doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be more conscious.  We as Americans tend to eat a lot of processed food. Everything is processed and uses wheat fillers, so basically, our stomachs are facing a very unnatural gluten over load.


Manufacturers are seeing the trend and responding to the needs with new products to offer the consumer. The grocery stores now have isles with gluten-free pancake mix, brownie mix, cereals, flour; the list goes on.   However, not all dough is the same.  There are a few obstacles to over-come such as its very labor intensive, the existing equipment may not be able to adapt to producing the product and it may require custom pieces or attachments.

gluten free check

The global gluten-free product market is projected to increase in growth according to this report found on Add the growth to the increased labeling requirement issued by the FDA and you have a great market segment to watch!  With demand like this as well as healthier, better tasting products, the growth is unlimited.  Bakers are creating baked goods that have a great taste, texture and visual appeal of wheat based products by incorporating specialty starches, flour blends and other functional ingredients.  It can only get better!

With all these changes and focus on ingredients, it is a good thing that Peerless still provides the best mixers in the industry!  Please visit our website and contact your sales executive with your new Gluten Free recipes.  We would be happy to design a mixer to meet your exact ingredient mixing needs.




Time is precious, especially to bakers.  The smallest problem can cause valuable lost time Bread picturein production and that equals = MONEY.  Plan a strategy that will help prevent breakdowns and ensure your productivity will keep going.   Here is a list of monthly preventative measures for high-speed mixers you can do to help maintain production and prevent costly repairs in the

  1. Agitator-High Speed Roller Bars–Re-torque bolts. Replace as needed.
  2. Agitator-High Speed Roller Bars  –Check for side-to-side motion.
  3. Agitator Shaft Bearings Check for undue noise, vibration, excessive heat.
  4. Bowl Mounting  Re-torque all bolts.
  5. Canopy–Check flour gate system.
  6. Canopy–Inspect all seals for damage or wear. Replace as needed.
  7. Gear Reducer–Check oil level, quality.    Monthly
  8. Gear Reducer–Drain, flush, refill reservoir. (Six Months)
  9. Hydraulic Tilt System–Change fluid. (Six Months)
  10. Hydraulic Tilt Cylinders–Manually grease rod ends.
  11. Motor Coupling–Check rubber element. Check set screws.
  12. Refrigeration System–Check for refrigerant leaks.
  13. Refrigeration System Replace refrigeration hose (DX only).(Yearly)
  14. Bowl Side Seals–Check for adjustment and wear.
High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

Here at Peerless, we highly recommend a PMP or Production Maintenance Program.  This program offers inspections to your machine in a 6, 12, 24 and 36 month interval.  Our technicians will inspect, repair, calibrate and document machinery performance, as well as provide technical training to operations and maintenance personnel.    To learn more about this program visit us today at

Sanitary Shaft Seals – Are they worth the added expense?

Over the years, how many times have seal leaks affected your production?  How many times have you had to stop a line because of contamination caused by leaks.  How much money did that cost in lost production and downtime?  If you stopped to think about it, I bet you would be amazed.  Bakers have accepted this nuisance as common industry standards.  

Our customers have said they want seals that do not leak.  Quick and easy sanitation.  Quick and easy maintenance and field retrofitable.  shaft seal picture

The NEW Peerless Shaft Seals are designed to withstand the most stringent applications in mixing.  The Rotary Shaft Seals (available for both Horizontal and  Vertical Mixers) are reliable and easily maintained.

Here is the value added to your productions bottom line:

  • Seals do NOT leak
  • Does not wear shaft
  • Field retrofitable
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Available for Slurry Mixers
  • Available for Horizontal Mixers
  • Custom design available for competitive product
  • Seal consumable

shaft detail

With these new seals, you eliminate the daily tasks of disassembly, cleaning and reinstalling of shaft seals.  They provide almost zero maintenance for thousands of hours and prevents bearing and shaft failure.

Sanitation is a key word in todays industry and on the mind of bakers around the world.  Wtih the Sanitary Shaft Seals with Air Purge, you can see how this is invaluable.

4 Reasons to choose a Peerless Double Arm Mixer for your cookie, pretzel or granola applications

DA650 frontOur Double Arm Mixers have been designed to provide the ultimate in durable, high-performance mixing.  Here are 4 reasons why we think our Double Arm is the mixer of choice!!

1. Sanitation – High-Quality Bowl Construction made for a Long Production Life and Extra Clean Mixing Conditions, Patented Z-Jacket Bowl Design available keeps your Dough at your Specified Temperatures, End-To-End Canopy protects the Integrity of your Dough, shaft and seals are designed for easy cleaning.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Durability – Stainless Steel Exterior over Heavy-Duty “Unibody” Frame, Stainless
Steel Mixing Bowl with 5 Year Warranty, Agitator Shaft and Tilt Mechanisms built for 24/7 operations, Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) Adjusts to Mixing Environment

3. Productivity – Peerless Mixer Solutions are designed to integrate with all Ingredient Handling Systems and Baking Processes, PLC allows for Intuitive Operation and Control of the Mixing Process, and for Single-Person Control, Safety Features support Productivity without compromising Worker Safety

4. Service global installation / commissioning, service, preventative maintenance and support, Customer Support Team can quickly order commonly replaced “wear” parts to ensure uninterrupted production, Peerless Support and Service Teams have Worldwide Reach and Unmatched Experience.


For  more information, please visit our website at