National Oreo Day – March 6th!

According to – March the 6th is National Oreo Day.   In order to pay homage to this cornerstone of snack cookies – we offer a link to a video on the History channel titled
Oreo Cookies where you can learn more about the many ways there are to eat a Oreo Cookie!

Did you know that the Oreo has a SONG?  You can download that by visiting Oreo Website and you OReoLadybugcan learn more about the “Wonderfilled” cookie known as Oreo there too!   There are Oreo recipes and Oreo games… it’s a great site!  And there are links to the Oreo Facebook page too!

Did you know that according to the Mondelez Website, the Oreo cookie is marketed in the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Philippines.

The Oreo cookie and brand definitely have a life of their own – and Peerless Food Equipment is happy to celebrate National Oreo Day!

Celebrating the Noodle in March

According to “” , there are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the month of March.  Not only is March designated as National Nutrition Month, but it also serves as National NoodEgg_noodlesle Month AND National Flour Month.    Flour is a common ingredient used in Peerless Mixers everyday.   And, Noodles, can definitely be a product of the dough produced in a Peerless mixer.
So, celebrating the Noodle certainly seems like a good idea!

According to the Wiki definition, “ In the United States, noodles are flour paste products in various shapes.  In Britain, noodles generally are long, thin strips of flour paste products. The material composition or geocultural origin must be specified when discussing noodles. The word derives from the German word Nudel.

Also according to Wiki, ” The earliest written record of noodles is found in a book dated to the Eastern Han period (25–220) of China. Noodles, often made from wheat dough, became a staple food for people of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE).During the Tang Dynasty, the noodles were first cut into strips, and in the Yuan Dynasty, the making of dried noodles began.”

The noodle also has a long history in other parts of Asia, Europe and the Near East.   This staple food has been paired with sauce, served in soup and can be pan fried or deep fried.   The noodle can take on the shape of a flat strip, a round string, a tube or a shell.  The noodle can be made from flour, wheat, corn millet… the base ingredient is limited only by the cooks imagination.  So join us in March as we celebrate the Noodle!

What’s your favorite cookie?

The word “COOKIE” brings a smile to your face.  How can it not?  Nothing can be more comforting than a warm cookie and glass of cold milk; or a cup of tea and a Bourbon biscuit.  We make mixers and cookie/biscuit sandwiching machines for manufactures of sweets all around the world.  It’s fascinating to discover what cookies or biscuits (depending on where you are located) are popular in South Africa, China or Brazil.

chocolate-chip-cookies-blur_thumbIn the United Sates, nothing says America like chocolate chip cookies.  Peanut Butter and Sugar Cookies round out the top of the list for the US.  And don’t forget Girl Scout Cookies!  Japan_Yokan



In Japan, finished squares of Yokan (which look very much like our American chocolate fudge), are wrapped in cherry leaves and served as a sweet indulgence with a cup of tea.



In Spain they prefer Panellets which are a traditional dessert made with marzipan (almonds and sugar) usually covered in pine nuts.



The macaroon is a cookie fillmacaroonsed with a variety of fillings and flavors. Paris, France is the place to visit for  these!





Sweden loves their Pepparkakors.  Paper-thin and spicy, these cookies are a beloved Swedish Christmas tradition.



No matter where you are in the world, cookies and biscuits are an important part of our culture.  It could be Boortsog in China, Pryanik in Russia or Stroopwaffels in Belgium, nothing is more delicious!

We all have our favorites———–What’s yours?




Safety Awareness Is Everyone’s Responsibility

safety 5We take safety here at Peerless very seriously.  We want all our employees to go home the same way they came in!

Safety – it’s every employees’ responsibility.

Peerless has 13 Safety Teams ranging from Personal Protection Equipment, Job Hazard Analysis, Electrical, ER Response, to Travel Safety and Lifting Safety,  just to name a few.  All employees are active participants and meet as a team weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Each team has a team leader and facilitator who is in charge of organizing and leading the meetings and each team has goals and tasks that they accomplish throughout the year.

Do you have a safety program similar to ours? We would like to hear about it!

Visit Peerless at Interpack, Booth 1C23, May 8-15, 2014

InterpackLogoPeerless Food Equipment will be exhibiting at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany May 8-14, 2014.   We will feature our NEW!  KleanVue Mixer line as well as our updated Peters Sandwiching machine!

Stop by booth 1C23 to see a 6 row, updated Peters Sandwiching machine and to speak with one of our sales team about how Peerless equipment can help alleviate your sanitation concerns and increase your production efficiency.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with a Peerless rep at Interpack in May, please complete the Contact Form below and we will be happy to arrange a meeting time.

Ask The Expert Webinars

WebinarButtonIt’s difficult to believe that we’ve already completed 3!! Ask The Expert Webinars this year – but it’s true! The first webinar covered the differences between batch mixing and continuous mixing and featured Rick Kesig, our Director of Engineering. The second webinar focused on the advantages of Variable Frequency Drives in industrial equipment and featured John Cremeens.

The most recent webinar focused on the importance of PM (preventative maintenance) agreements and then went into some detail about PM’ing your mixer and creamer! This webinar was presented by two of our senior service technicians, Mr Patrick Smith and Mr. Gus Millecker.

As if these were not enough – we have three more webinars planned for the balance of the year! The topics include “What’s New in Sandwiching”, “Mixer Sanitation” and the most AWESOME will be our IBIE preview webinar in September!!! You will NOT want to miss the IBIE Preview! Exciting things there! so Please REGISTER HERE for the Peerless Food Equipment Ask the Expert Webinar series!

If you do miss one of the webinars, feel free to visit our Video page on our website for links to those recorded webinars!

Peerless Celebrates 100 Yr Anniversary!!!! 1913 – 2013

100thAnniversaryWhat do companies like Snyder’s-Lance, Kellogg, Campbell Soup Co. and The Kroger Company have in common with Peerless?  That sounds like and easy question… First, they all make food.  Second, they all use Peerless Mixers…. Third, they are all over 100 yrs old…. YES!!! That’s it!  Peerless Food Equipment celebrated a MAJOR milestone on January 7, 2013 –  that date marked the 100th year of business for Peerless – who started out at The Peerless Bread Machine Co. back in Sidney Ohio in 1913! 

Published is the Sidney Daily News on Jan 7, 1913

Jan. 7, 1913
The Standard Clutch Manufacturing Co. has been reorganized during the past few days and re-incorporated under the name of The Peerless Bread Machine Co. The new company has new capital interested and some new people interested. Organization was completed by electing E.J. Griffis, president; William Piper, vice president; F.X. Lauterbur, secretary and treasurer and general manager. Other members of the board of directors are: A.C. Getz and E.T. Custenborder. The new company has taken over the Standard Clutch plant and will manufacture and put on sale bread making machinery.

In a time and economy where the average age of a company is 15 years, it is incredible to think that Peerless has been around for 100 yrs.   This is a credit to the high quality of the machines produced by Peerless then… and now.  Peerless products have evolved over time, changed to meet the market needs and have added and retired brands.   The company still remains in Sidney Ohio – very close to the original site it begin on 100 yrs ago.

This year, Peerless Food Equipment will celebrate our 100 th anniversary ALL YEAR!!!   We hope you will help us celebrate too! Visit our website at Peerless Food to find out where we will be celebrating and stop by to join us!