Peerless Mixers – More Than Just Sliced Bread

hallmark-overall_WebPeerless has been in business for over 100 years. Most of that time has been spent mixing dough for bakeries who produce breads, crackers, bagels, cakes and cookies.  However, over the past few years, Peerless mixers have been finding their way into other types of food making facilities.

Peerless mixers are now in plants that mix different products such as pet food and treats, neutraceuticals and nutritional bars. With these adjacent  markets, Peerless is expanding our existing product line to serve different types of food manufacturing.

Pet Food picThe Pet Food Industry is one of the fastest growing markets and is expected to grow to US$74.8 billion by 2017.  Read more here! about the growing Pet Food Industry.

Today, more than ever, consumers are focused on pet food.   There are Pet Food Rating websites, Breeders Clubs that reward volume purchases and pet foods are now frequently labeled “Organic” , “Fresh” and “Premium”.   In the world of “Pet Parents” who want to provide the “Best for the Fur kid” –  “frozen”, “freeze dried” and “grain free” are advertising buzz words.  Peerless has a small presence in this market – our mixers mix pet treats that are cooled and extruded into chews, and are used in a few other pet food locations that use Peerless mixers for R&D projects.   This market is exploding, not only in the US, but around the world.  Keep an eye out for Peerless as we carefully expand in this industry!

neutraceuticals 2

Recently, new research was completed and report published titled the “North America Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017- Increasing Demand from Ageing Population to Drive Growth” .  This report  gives a comprehensive analysis of the industry past, present and future outlook.  To learn more about this report, click here!.

Statistics in this study include functional food, functional beverages and dietary supplements. Additionally the sub-segments of the industry, ongoing trends and developments, import and export scenario, government regulations and impact and highlight major players operating in the industry. The concept of nutraceuticals is very well prevalent in the North American region, with more than 60% of the population living in the US and Canada claiming themselves as a regular users of nutraceutical products.  The value growth recorded by the nutraceuticals sector in the North American region over the review period of 2006-2012 was 8.4%.   This market has a high growth potential for Peerless mixers as well.   Watch for us in this new market as well.

What You Need to Know About the Installation of a New Mixer?

High Speed RollerBar MixerYour new Peerless High Speed Mixer will be arriving soon and you need to prepare! Here are a few quick topics to help you plan for it.

Safety – the mixer is heavy and awkward. Use only experienced riggers to move and place the mixer. If tipped over, the mixer could cause serious injury or death. We recommend the use of personal protective equipment by operators, maintenance, service, cleaning, and all other personnel working in the operating area of a Peerless mixer when conditions 5 Personal protective equipment includes safety eye glasses, ear plugs with specified noise reduction rating (NRR) for the job, and respirators with adequate filters.

When it arrives, it will be shrink-wrapped and on a skid. If it has been shipped overseas, it will arrive totally enclosed and crated on a wooden skid.

Upon arrival and removal from the truck, your mixer can be removed by a forklift, crane or drag/push the mixer while still attached to the skid. lifting lugsWe suggest lifting the mixer from the rear if possible. For export crating a forklift or crane and straps can be used as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      lifting pointsDo not lift mixers using canopy (bowl cover), agitator shaft, or bowl assembly.  Lift mixer only at specified lift points.





Site preparation

The standard Peerless dough mixer is designed with four (4) rectangular legs. These legs raise the base of the mixer 6″ (15cm) off the floor to allow for cleaning under the mixer. Optional leg heights and configurations are available.

warehouse 1When deciding where the mixer will be located, consider the following points:

  1. Provide ample space on all four (4) sides of the mixer for cleaning and maintenance. We recommend a minimum clearance of 3’ (1m) on the ends and rear and 5’ (1.5m) at the front.
  2. If possible, allow room at either end of the mixer for pulling the agitator shaft. Allow about 6″ (15cm) less than the overall length of the mixer.
  3. Allow enough room behind the mixer for the refrigeration hose loop and for removal of the motor.
  4. The end doors can be lifted off if necessary, but must be installed for operation of the mixer.
  5. The drive end of the mixer (sprockets, chain and drip oiler, or belt drive) is on the right end of the mixer.
  6. The Hydraulic Tilt System is on the left-hand end of the mixer as standard and optionally available on the right-hand end.
  7. Install the mixer near a waste-water drain.
  8. Install the electrical enclosure in a dry place near the mixer and in direct sight of the operator.

When a Peerless dough mixer is running, the load is such that the mixer must be mounted to the floor or pad. The Certified Data Sheet shows the actual style of the mixer hold-down legs and the dimensions and location of the mounting bolts. Because of the many factors in designing a pad for the mixer, we strongly recommend that an architect or structural engineer be consulted.



Is Protein-Enriched Food the Next Big Thing?

bagelGluten Free was and still is the buzzword in the food industry.  Now we are hearing a new catchword on the horizon.  It’s called protein enriched foods, most notably nutrition bars, cereal, bread, non-dairy beverages and soups.

Protein-enriched foods by definition would be foods that naturally does not have protein or very little and then “enriched” with protein.  Doing so sets up the manufacturer to compete with the perceived “healthy snacks” market.  enriched-flour-foods

This could be the tip fo the iceberg as there are many foods such as bagels, frozen meals people would like to see enriched.

Regardless of the baking need, Peerless Mixers can handle the task.  Visit our website to learn more about the Peerless Mixer Line and how Peerless can help you!

Don’t desert desserts!

miniWho doesn’t love something a little sweet after dinner?  Maybe it’s a scoop of ice cream, cheesecake or apple pie. Could it be tiramisu, chocolate souffles or creme brule?  Sounds good, right!  In this new era of the “mini” dessert, consumers are enjoying their desserts,  just in smaller portions.  It’s easier to count calories and enables the consumer to try more than just one and still feel like they are not going overboard. Little portions complement the ‘everything in moderation’ approach to eating.

The food market can change like the clothing industry.  You have to “think outside of the cake box”.  The mini dessert is an example.  Other examples are seen in manufacturers who are developing new flavor pairings like bacon flavored donuts, spicy and fruity chocolate, puddings and Greek Yogurt.  We’ve seen “cronuts” (croissant and donut cross)  and a new creation of a croissant and a bagel called a “cragel”.  chocoDonuts_v2_cmykThese are all new and exciting developments for the Cake and Snack Industry.  With all these creative and delicious concoctions its hard to “desert dessert!”

Could all this mean a new extension to your line? Can you add a new product? What equipment do you need? Can you customize the machine you have? SMFedco Slurry Mixers, Depositors, Cream Injectors and Cooling Tunnels could be your answer. The breadth of the Fedco product line virtually ensures that we have a technical solution to meet your changing needs.  Fedco has an exemplary reputation for reliable performance and responsive service with top baking companies worldwide.  Call us today at   937-494-2870 or check us out  at for more information.


recycling-symbol1Several years ago, Peerless created its own “Green Team” in an effort to “Go Green” and improve our sustainability.  Through this process of recycling, conservation and foot print awareness, we discovered The University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center right in our own back yard.   This program conducts free assessments for mid-sized industries and provides valuable feedback regarding energy-saving recommendations.

On January 27, 2014 The University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center (US-IAC) came to Peerless to identify and evaluate opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. During the one day visit, the team gathered data, met with plant management and identified several substantial cost saving methods.  HVAC, Lighting, Compressed Air and CO2 emissions were all evaluated.  The results were amazing!!!  Our results showed we could decrease our current plant utility costs by about 35% and CO2 emissions by about 26% per year with a 4 month simple payback.


Sustainability and being responsible for our foot print is something we all need to think about and this audit by The University of Dayton certainly was a valuable tool for Peerless.

Peerless Mixers Make Pasta Dough

Pasta Mixer - Front

This mixer is headed off to Missouri where it will be used by a commercial food company to make pasta dough that will be served in a variety of recipes in  foodservice, consumer and restaurant/retail establishments.

This mixer looks harmless enough on the outside –

Pasta Agitator

but it looks a little (OK- A LOT) different on the inside from a typical Peerless Mixer!  The agitator shaft has tines on it and there are tines mounted to the inside of the bowl as well.  These tines mix/shear the pasta ingredients together so that after the dough is  discharged it can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of recipes.

It is always fun and interesting to learn more about the equipment that we make and to learn about how the equipment will be used by our customer.   To learn more about Peerless Mixers – visit us at

Roller Bar Mixers at Peerless

Peerless Food Equipment is known for the quality bakery equipment that we manufacture.  One of our best known mixer models is the Roller Bar – or High Speed Mixer.  These mixers are ideal for most types of breads, rolls, buns, flour tortillas, croissants, bagels, pizza and english muffins. A single end drive system provides substantial advantages including stronger drives, shafts and bearings, greater bowl tilt flexibility, and a cleaner, more compact design.

The uniquely designed shaft seals are sanitary and easy to remove for quick clean-up and minimal downtime. Heavy duty stainless steel jackets are standard on all Roller Bar Mixer bowls for efficient dough temperature control.

The Roller Bar Agitiator with Breaker Bar helps to sufficently mix the dough without kneading or processing the dough.  The options of a refrigerated bowl, bowl end cooling and Cold Bar Plus technology reduce the heat generated from the mixing process.  Visit here to see a write up of our Roller Bar Mixer in Baking & Snack International in the Horizontal Mixer Showcase.

Custom built Peerless Roller Bar Mixers are available in a variety of optional features for the best, most efficient mix for your product. Other options include our Dough Quality Controller (DQC®) System and our ColdBar® and ColdBarPlus® Refrigeration Systems.

Peerless Mixers Make Pet Treats Too!

It is not a surprise that pet food manufacturers use Peerless mixers too.  Here’s a new mixer that is on its way to Alabama to make jerky treats for dogs.   The interesting part about this mixer is that instead of having a bowl jacket that focuses on cooling the product this one actually steam cooks the product in the bowl while it’s mixing!  Pretty cool!

Mixer that steam cooks jerky treats for dogs!
Steam Jacketed Mixer used to make Jerky Treats for Dogs!

In the photo, you can see the piping that will be used to move and manage steam into this bowl jacket.   The steam in the bowl jacket will be used to actually steam cook the ingredients while they are being mixed.

This is just another great example of how Peerless technology can be used in other segments.
To learn More about Peerless Mixers and other products – please visit our website.

New Logo for Peerless Food Equipment!

New Logo for Peerless Food Equipment
What do you think about our new Logo?

Peerless is launching a new logo and tagline with the new YEAR!!!   This logo is the Peerless Family logo – and we have Brand Logos featuring Peerless, Peters and Fedco equipment as well.   Another exciting thing that we are working on is new product literature!  I will be sure to display it here – as well as on the website once it is completed!!!

To learn more about Peerless Food Equipment – visit our website at!

Peerless SD9 Horizontal Mixer


Peerles SD9 Horizontal Mixer

New Goldfish Cracker Mixer – headed out the door to Williard, Ohio-  just in time for Christmas!! Hope their tree is big enough for this to fit under…. becuse this new mixer will mix  2,200 lb batches of Goldfish Cracker dough.  It passed its’ customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with flying colors and will start production soon!

We will miss you “little mixer” – but we know you will do a great job mixing Goldfish cracker dough!  Learn more about Peerless Sigma Mixers at