What does a Brown Bear have in common with a Peerless HS16FD?

Interesting question – eh?  An adult brown bear typically weighs about 1,400 lbs and a Peerless HS16FD can easily accommodate a dough ball that weighs 1,400 lbs!  Now, that’s a lot of bread dough!

But, that’s EXACTLY what this mixer was made to do!  It’s on its way to Georgia to make potato bun and bread dough.   This HS16FD is a truly robust mixer.  This unit has solid stainless steel base plate, solid stainless steel columns, a heavy-duty stainless unibody frame, a stainless steel bowl sheet, bowl ends, canopy and a stainless steel agitator, shaft and breaker bar…. (are you beginning to see a trend?)

The heavy-duty body, that is almost entirely stainless steel construction, was built to last.  This high-quality mixer weighs in at OVER 20,000 LBS in weight!  And, all the stainless steel on this mixer makes it almost sparkle too!  Not only is it the workhorse of the bakery… it will be the prettiest machine there!

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