Twelve Days of Christmas – Cookie Countdown! Day 12 – Melting Snowmen

It’s the Peerless Food Equipment Twelve Days of Christmas Cookie Countdown!!
Each day, we’ll feature a different link to a GREAT RECIPE that you can try out at home!!

Today, we’re highlighting Melting Snowmen OREO Cookie Balls!!!

Melting Snowmen OREO Cookie Balls!

Melting Snowmen OREO Cookie Balls!

These little guys have a prep time of 30 minutes and are ready to eat in just an hour and a half!   The white chocolate tops cover chopped up OREO cookie balls and the bases are easy… just a regular OREO cookie from the package.   Add some decorating gels and you have a fun cookie that is sure to bring a smile to every mouth they encounter!  Visit  to get the details about these GREAT Winter cookies and to find other super recipes as well!!! 

New Video of Peters MT4 Sandwiching Machine

Take a look at one of our new works of “engineering art” here at Peerless.  Click Here to see a video of a Peters MT4 Sandwiching machine.    This video is of a 4 lane sandwiching machine that will load finished cookies into a 12 lane multiplier, which in this case, will then feed into a cooling tunnel.

This machine is headed off to Brazil with its’ “big brother” – a 6 lane machine!!  Each lane on these machines can produce up to 800 sandwich cookies each minute!   That is a lot of sandwich cookies.

Peter Row Multiplier

The photo to the left shows an example of a 2 lane machine feeding into a 6 lane multiplier – the video link above features a machine that  is DOUBLE that capacity!

For more information about Peters sandwiching equipment or Peerless mixers and other dough handling machines, please visit our website!

Peerless Mixers in the Food Chain

The Peerless Group manufactures mixers that work around the clock, six or seven days a week in many factories. These mixers produce the dough for a lot of fun and tasty cookies and snack cakes too, as well as dough that becomes the staple for daily sustenance around the world.

Cookies, cakes, bread, muffins, buns, pretzels, energy bars and even pet food and biscuits are made, every day in Peerless Mixers!

Peerless Mixers are dependable parts of the food production process all around the world. From China to the Ukraine, from South Africa to Guatemala and from the US to Brazil – Peerless Mixers and Peters Sandwiching machines span the continents.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peerless customers appreciate the heavy-duty “unibody” frame design for strength and stability, regardless of the load size or dough type.

Peerless mixers come with a standard 1-year warranty and
the Peerless Heavy-duty stainless steel bowl and refrigerated jacket come with
a 5-year warranty.  Those bowls are that good!

What do snack cakes, donuts and cookies all have in common?

….Besides the fact they are all yummy!  They all love to be covered in chocolate, or other coatings, by The Fedco Enrober – Of Course!   🙂

Fedco EnroberThe Fedco Enrober – built by The Peerless Group – is a precision piece of machinery that completely covers (enrobe) snack cakes and other sweet/savory items.

The tasty treats move the through the machine on a conveyor that inclines and declines under dual waterfalls (of chocolate – no less!) to be sure they are completely coated on all edges!

To learn more this unique item and others manufactured by The Peerless Group – please visit our Website!