Is Protein-Enriched Food the Next Big Thing?

bagelGluten Free was and still is the buzzword in the food industry.  Now we are hearing a new catchword on the horizon.  It’s called protein enriched foods, most notably nutrition bars, cereal, bread, non-dairy beverages and soups.

Protein-enriched foods by definition would be foods that naturally does not have protein or very little and then “enriched” with protein.  Doing so sets up the manufacturer to compete with the perceived “healthy snacks” market.  enriched-flour-foods

This could be the tip fo the iceberg as there are many foods such as bagels, frozen meals people would like to see enriched.

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4 Reasons to choose a Peerless Double Arm Mixer for your cookie, pretzel or granola applications

DA650 frontOur Double Arm Mixers have been designed to provide the ultimate in durable, high-performance mixing.  Here are 4 reasons why we think our Double Arm is the mixer of choice!!

1. Sanitation – High-Quality Bowl Construction made for a Long Production Life and Extra Clean Mixing Conditions, Patented Z-Jacket Bowl Design available keeps your Dough at your Specified Temperatures, End-To-End Canopy protects the Integrity of your Dough, shaft and seals are designed for easy cleaning.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Durability – Stainless Steel Exterior over Heavy-Duty “Unibody” Frame, Stainless
Steel Mixing Bowl with 5 Year Warranty, Agitator Shaft and Tilt Mechanisms built for 24/7 operations, Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) Adjusts to Mixing Environment

3. Productivity – Peerless Mixer Solutions are designed to integrate with all Ingredient Handling Systems and Baking Processes, PLC allows for Intuitive Operation and Control of the Mixing Process, and for Single-Person Control, Safety Features support Productivity without compromising Worker Safety

4. Service global installation / commissioning, service, preventative maintenance and support, Customer Support Team can quickly order commonly replaced “wear” parts to ensure uninterrupted production, Peerless Support and Service Teams have Worldwide Reach and Unmatched Experience.


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Double Sigma Arm Mixer – what are they used for?

Double Sigma Arm Mixers are ideal for all soft wire cut cookie dough, cake donuts, muffins, pretzels, granola, energy bars, scones, creams/filling, Italian Christmas breads and powder tablets.  Now, THAT’s a mouthful!

The mixer featured in this post is a Double Sigma Arm Mixer – a small one that handles about 1,100 pounds of product at a time.  This one just happens to be going to Brazil to make cookie cream.

It isn’t obvious from the main photo – but the reason that it is referred to as “Double Sigma” mixer is because there are actually two agitator bars inside the bowl.  This “double team” effort really blends product well and evenly. Here’s a photo of the agitators inside the mixer.  Pretty Cool – huh?  

Double Sigma, or DA, Mixers are very versatile.  They can make the dough that produces the actual cookie, or they can make the cream filling that goes between the hard cookie base cakes… They can mix the ingredients of an energy bar as well as they can mix powder components of a pharmaceutical product.

You name the product and most likely Peerless can provide a mixer to accommodate your needs. Peerless DA mixers are in service all over the world supporting biscuit and cracker companies to help them make the goodies that we all love to eat!   To learn more about our mixer products, please visit our website @