Cool Down Your Dough with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System Options

The modern bakery has a variety of different doughs working for them today.  Some doughs work better chilled and others work better at a warmer temperature. The normal final dough temperature for breads and bun dough ranges between 75°F. to 80°F. 

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment


Products such as pizza or frozen dough have exit temperatures in the lower 70’s or cooler.  For cookies and pies; it’s even lower.  Cool down dough temperature with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System.  It is the solution to your temperature problems without adding ice, chilled water, flour and other ingredients to the mixer.  


Cold Bar FeaturesTPG_ColdBar

Our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System includes a refrigerated jacket, bowl ends and breaker bar.  It also comes with our exclusive refrigerated agitator bars.  When you combine the two systems, you have the largest refrigerated area in the industry where the dough is always in contact with a refrigerated surface, and you can lower the dough temperature up to 8-10 degrees compared with the standard jacket cooling. Glycol system is designed so that there are no jointed, moving elements in the product zone which is ideal for the production of English muffins, hamburger buns, bread and frozen doughs.

Cold Bar Maintenancesafety

Maintenance is important to ensure your mixer is working properly and to safeguard the long life of your equipment.  Monthly inspections are necessary to check for leaks in the agitator and proper lubrication assessments should be scheduled daily or monthly depending on the use of the machine.  See your Peerless Service Technician for any questions.

New Innovations for Rotary Dough Feeders

Performance, reliability and durability are key words for our newest innovation!  Our Rotary Dough Feeder automatically feeds dough to dividers or forming equipment without changing the dough condition or temperature.  The exciting advance in design is the addition of the treatment on the cutters.

dough-feeder-down-viewOur Cutters have an embedded blue surface treatment that is FDA compliant, which enhance release of the dough while offering a durable surface with extended life!!  The benefits of this cutter treatment are Non-Stick, Thermal Stability, Corrosion Protection, Chemical Resistance, Low Friction, Wear Resistance, and Excellent Adhesion.  The dough feeders are suitable for bread, roll, biscuit, cracker and cookie doughs.  Our open design is easy for routine maintenance and sanitation.  Along with quiet operation and a portable design, Peerless has a more efficient approach to dough handling.  Visit Peerless Food Equipment today for more information.

Bakery Equipment Replacement Parts Program from Peerless

Since 1913, Peerless Food Equipment has been a trusted equipment supplier to the bakery industry.  Peerless is known for manufacturing robust mixers, bread dividers, dough rounders and other dough handling equipment for the bakery, but, did you know that Peerless is also a leading supplier of aftermarket replacement parts?

That is correct!

Peerless is committed to extending the life of your existing bakery equipment by offering a wide range of replacement parts, not only for Peerless, Fedco, Supergrain and Hallmark equipment lines – but Peerless also offers replacement parts for other brands of bakery equipment as well.

Due to our long-standing partnership with, and knowledge of, the bakery industry needs, Peerless offers replacement parts, assemblies and kits for many different types and brands of dough handling equipment, like:

  • Mechanical Dividers (ram and shear dough)  – piston face plates, replacement pins, bushings and shafts
  • Mixers (including stationary bowl mixers) – door seals and door shaft drive components

Contact Peerless today for all your mixer replacement part needs – from shaft seals and agitators, to door seals and door shaft drive components, Peerless can help extend the useful life of your bakery equipment.   Peerless can even provide replacement mixer bowls.

JD Knupp at
or 937-494-2810 (direct)


Dough Troughs Available!


Dough Troughs Available!

  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • Reinforced Top Rims are Seam-Welded for Greater Strength and Comfort
  • Sanitary Casters
  • All Interior Corners and Seams are Welded and Polished to provide a Smooth, Crevice Free Trough that is Easy to Clean and Maintain!
  • 8′ in Size, 38.9 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Model DT-308
$4,850.00 Each

Contact us at or call us at 800-999-3327 for more information!  

We currently have (14) Dough Troughs for sale. 

Available at Peerless