Peters SD2 – A Versatile Machine

SD2 Closed

The Peters SD2 (side diverter, 2 rows) is a very cool machine.  This machine assembles sandwich cookies – just like a PT machine does –  but the final section of the machine offers two distinct exit options for the cookies.   The operator can choose to have the lanes merge together at the end, to create vend packs, or the operator can direct the machine to divert the finished cookies to the Overhead Transfer portion of the machine (behind the machine) so that the cookies can be stacked and routed to a tray packaging system.

Since we manufacture everything “to order” we only make Peters SDs on occasion – so I took a lot of photos of this one through the whole manufacturing process.  Below is a photo of the diverter section open – it’s a work of art!

SD2 Open

Soon, we will crate this machine up, with its hopper and the vibratory conveyors that we made for the order and ship it off to its new owner in Guatemala.

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Why Does Bowl Cooling Matter?

At Peerless, we believe that the Heart of the Mixer is in the bowl – and that’s where our Design Focus lies.  We have focused on improving mixer bowl life in the toughest environments while increasing the efficiency of the bowl cooling.  It’s this dedicated focus that differentiates Peerless from many competitors.

What’s Different About a Peerless Mixer Bowl?
Our improved Cooling Jacket Design is the difference.  This new design:

  • Patent pending Z-profile designed cooling channels
  • 16% more cooling channels added
  • 12% increase in fluid area
  • Proprietary fluid path
  • Reduction in flow re-circulation zones, providing increased flor rate and increased cooling efficiency

Peerless offers other bowl cooling options for a variety of mixing needs.   We found that these changes, in conjunction with other changes to reduce the coolant pressure drop produced the following results in the field:

  • Batch times unchanged
  • Cooling performance improved – bowl sheet observed to ice-over much faster than old design and in some applications, ice was eliminated
  • Improved cooling efficiency

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