Don’t desert desserts!

miniWho doesn’t love something a little sweet after dinner?  Maybe it’s a scoop of ice cream, cheesecake or apple pie. Could it be tiramisu, chocolate souffles or creme brule?  Sounds good, right!  In this new era of the “mini” dessert, consumers are enjoying their desserts,  just in smaller portions.  It’s easier to count calories and enables the consumer to try more than just one and still feel like they are not going overboard. Little portions complement the ‘everything in moderation’ approach to eating.

The food market can change like the clothing industry.  You have to “think outside of the cake box”.  The mini dessert is an example.  Other examples are seen in manufacturers who are developing new flavor pairings like bacon flavored donuts, spicy and fruity chocolate, puddings and Greek Yogurt.  We’ve seen “cronuts” (croissant and donut cross)  and a new creation of a croissant and a bagel called a “cragel”.  chocoDonuts_v2_cmykThese are all new and exciting developments for the Cake and Snack Industry.  With all these creative and delicious concoctions its hard to “desert dessert!”

Could all this mean a new extension to your line? Can you add a new product? What equipment do you need? Can you customize the machine you have? SMFedco Slurry Mixers, Depositors, Cream Injectors and Cooling Tunnels could be your answer. The breadth of the Fedco product line virtually ensures that we have a technical solution to meet your changing needs.  Fedco has an exemplary reputation for reliable performance and responsive service with top baking companies worldwide.  Call us today at   937-494-2870 or check us out  at for more information.

Peerless Food Equipment Launches New Website!

Peerless Food Equipment, manufacturer of Peerless Horizontal Mixers, Peters Sandwiching and Fedco Depositing Equipment, is pleased  to announce the launch of a new interactive website,  This site will support the commercial bakery and food industry by providing easy to navigate pages of updated equipment information, new photos and equipment videos.

The new website provides updated information and photos about the equipment that Peerless manufactures and sells around the world.  It also incorporates new videos and social media feeds so that it can easily be kept up to date. The best feature is the ability to quickly connect with Peerless through a new Contact Us form, new direct and toll-free phone numbers or Skype.  The Contact Us form is directly routed to the appropriate department for review and faster-to-the-customer response.

“Businesses today go online to research their equipment needs.  They need information when they need it.  The new Peerless Food Equipment website is designed to provide quick , 24/7 information access to our customers as well as provide direct email and phone contacts with our sales and service teams,” said George Hoff, General Manager for Peerless.  Hoff further stated, “Making it easier to communicate, and do business, with Peerless is the real goal of this website, regardless of the type of communication that the customer prefers.”

Peerless Hosts International Agents!

Peerless Food Equipment is proud to announce that we will be hosting an International Agent Educational Summit May 7-9, 2012 in Sidney, Ohio.

This training session will include sales strategy training for the Peerless, Peters and Fedco equipment lines as well as service, parts and warranty instruction.  The agents will spend time with internal Peerless contacts and the management team so that they have a better understanding of the sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and financial processes within Peerless.

Agents from Latin America  and South Korea will be in attendance at this meeting.   Peerless hosted the first training session like this last fall and received very favorable reviews from the attendees.  For more information, visit the Peerless website and the agent training announcement.