What Does Patent #2,993,453 Have to do with Peerless?

The patent referenced above, issued on July 25, 1961 is for Sandwiching Machines – is still the basic concept behind the Peters Sandwiching machines that we build today. Cream Cookie  Peerless has continued to refine and enhance the machine that Frank Peters’ company brought to fruition so many years ago.

This year, a new patent application was published that will document a stencil assembly that is more readily  adaptable to accommodate multiple row production.  This latest published application is the work of one of our engineers at The Peerless Group – and we couldn’t be more proud.

Peters Sandwiching machines are used all over the world.  From China, to Brazil, from Chicago, IL to India.  From El Salvador to Trinidad.   Peters equipment is respected worldwide.  As we continually work to gain more knowledge of the futuree – I ask everyone “What do YOU envision as the next “big thing” in Sandwich Cookies?”  Leave your ideas in the comments.

International Agent Educational Summit is September 20-21st!

The first Peerless Agent Educational Summit is right around the corner – which is really cool!  I am looking forward to meeting representatives of six of the international agent groups who represent the Peerless/Peters, and sometimes Fedco, Brands around the world.

The Peerless Building in Sidney, OH

This summit is exciting for several reasons, including:

  • We get to show off our production facility.  We build some great products here and it is a well run place.
  • We (the folks here in the office) get to put a face with a name – many people here support the agents’ request while few get the opportunity to meet them in person.
  • The agents get a first hand access and training on the products they represent.  Most are quite familiar with Mixer line – but the Peters line may be a newer sell to them.  The hands on access to machines in process, as well as the direct conversation with the sales team, sales support team, the engineering team and the production team = a SUPER opportunity.

Welcome to OHIO!!!

Click here to read more about the event.