Celebrating the Noodle in March

According to “foodimentary.com” , there are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the month of March.  Not only is March designated as National Nutrition Month, but it also serves as National NoodEgg_noodlesle Month AND National Flour Month.    Flour is a common ingredient used in Peerless Mixers everyday.   And, Noodles, can definitely be a product of the dough produced in a Peerless mixer.
So, celebrating the Noodle certainly seems like a good idea!

According to the Wiki definition, “ In the United States, noodles are flour paste products in various shapes.  In Britain, noodles generally are long, thin strips of flour paste products. The material composition or geocultural origin must be specified when discussing noodles. The word derives from the German word Nudel.

Also according to Wiki, ” The earliest written record of noodles is found in a book dated to the Eastern Han period (25–220) of China. Noodles, often made from wheat dough, became a staple food for people of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE).During the Tang Dynasty, the noodles were first cut into strips, and in the Yuan Dynasty, the making of dried noodles began.”

The noodle also has a long history in other parts of Asia, Europe and the Near East.   This staple food has been paired with sauce, served in soup and can be pan fried or deep fried.   The noodle can take on the shape of a flat strip, a round string, a tube or a shell.  The noodle can be made from flour, wheat, corn millet… the base ingredient is limited only by the cooks imagination.  So join us in March as we celebrate the Noodle!

Peerless Mixers Make Pasta Dough

Pasta Mixer - Front

This mixer is headed off to Missouri where it will be used by a commercial food company to make pasta dough that will be served in a variety of recipes in  foodservice, consumer and restaurant/retail establishments.

This mixer looks harmless enough on the outside –

Pasta Agitator

but it looks a little (OK- A LOT) different on the inside from a typical Peerless Mixer!  The agitator shaft has tines on it and there are tines mounted to the inside of the bowl as well.  These tines mix/shear the pasta ingredients together so that after the dough is  discharged it can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of recipes.

It is always fun and interesting to learn more about the equipment that we make and to learn about how the equipment will be used by our customer.   To learn more about Peerless Mixers – visit us at www.peerlessfood.com.