3 Ways Peerless Is Keeping Up With Market Demands

Peerless is making changes to meet the market demand.  Change is good and keeps things progressing.  So with that said, we changed our product offering and lead the way with innovation, sanitation and durability with three new advanced ideas the market is needing.

1.) Peters Sandwiching machines have been simplified with the addition of a servo drivenpeters servo front system. This system allows for easy integration with many packaging systems.  The servos are positioned on the non-operator side of the machine which allows for easier maintenance access, too. Oreo-Pile



2.) KleanVue Mixers, the “New Kid On The Block” is making waves in the market for its kleanvue-front-viewinnovative tubular frame design allowing for the ultimate in sanitation for open frame mixers.  The inter-locking tubular design increases frame strength and the placing all the drive and tilt mechanisms on the same side reduces the need for safety guarding on both sides of the mixer.

muffins purple plade





3.) Hallmark is back on the floor and is perfect for the baker with small batches but hallmark-overall_Webdemand high performance.







These new changes will help the baker and manufacturing plant with the demands of todays market.  Peerless is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with superior service and unmatched reliability.  See our website or call us for more information.


Cool Down Your Dough with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System Options

The modern bakery has a variety of different doughs working for them today.  Some doughs work better chilled and others work better at a warmer temperature. The normal final dough temperature for breads and bun dough ranges between 75°F. to 80°F. 

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment


Products such as pizza or frozen dough have exit temperatures in the lower 70’s or cooler.  For cookies and pies; it’s even lower.  Cool down dough temperature with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System.  It is the solution to your temperature problems without adding ice, chilled water, flour and other ingredients to the mixer.  


Cold Bar FeaturesTPG_ColdBar

Our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System includes a refrigerated jacket, bowl ends and breaker bar.  It also comes with our exclusive refrigerated agitator bars.  When you combine the two systems, you have the largest refrigerated area in the industry where the dough is always in contact with a refrigerated surface, and you can lower the dough temperature up to 8-10 degrees compared with the standard jacket cooling. Glycol system is designed so that there are no jointed, moving elements in the product zone which is ideal for the production of English muffins, hamburger buns, bread and frozen doughs.

Cold Bar Maintenancesafety

Maintenance is important to ensure your mixer is working properly and to safeguard the long life of your equipment.  Monthly inspections are necessary to check for leaks in the agitator and proper lubrication assessments should be scheduled daily or monthly depending on the use of the machine.  See your Peerless Service Technician for any questions.


Bread pictureGluten Free seems to be the buzz word of the past 2 years.  Every magazine, newspaper and TV show is talking about gluten.  Restaurants are now offering menu items that are gluten-free.  Since when did eating a sandwich, pizza or a delectable dessert become so harmful?  Well, if you look at the surge in diabetes, celiac disease and over-all trend in healthy eating you can see why the everyday typical consumer demands such a product.

Gluten is the gluey protein that is in a lot of the things we eat on a daily basis.  Staples such as breads, pastas and cereals contain gluten which gives the baked goods their “full”,  “fluffy”  or “stretched” appearance.  Gluten is different from an animal protein, a protein in rice (a grain that doesn’t have gluten), or even a dairy protein because it is really hard for the human stomach to completely digest.  And just because you don’t have celiac disease doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be more conscious.  We as Americans tend to eat a lot of processed food. Everything is processed and uses wheat fillers, so basically, our stomachs are facing a very unnatural gluten over load.


Manufacturers are seeing the trend and responding to the needs with new products to offer the consumer. The grocery stores now have isles with gluten-free pancake mix, brownie mix, cereals, flour; the list goes on.   However, not all dough is the same.  There are a few obstacles to over-come such as its very labor intensive, the existing equipment may not be able to adapt to producing the product and it may require custom pieces or attachments.

gluten free check

The global gluten-free product market is projected to increase in growth according to this report found on NASDAQ.com. Add the growth to the increased labeling requirement issued by the FDA and you have a great market segment to watch!  With demand like this as well as healthier, better tasting products, the growth is unlimited.  Bakers are creating baked goods that have a great taste, texture and visual appeal of wheat based products by incorporating specialty starches, flour blends and other functional ingredients.  It can only get better!

With all these changes and focus on ingredients, it is a good thing that Peerless still provides the best mixers in the industry!  Please visit our website and contact your sales executive with your new Gluten Free recipes.  We would be happy to design a mixer to meet your exact ingredient mixing needs.



4 Reasons to choose a Peerless Double Arm Mixer for your cookie, pretzel or granola applications

DA650 frontOur Double Arm Mixers have been designed to provide the ultimate in durable, high-performance mixing.  Here are 4 reasons why we think our Double Arm is the mixer of choice!!

1. Sanitation – High-Quality Bowl Construction made for a Long Production Life and Extra Clean Mixing Conditions, Patented Z-Jacket Bowl Design available keeps your Dough at your Specified Temperatures, End-To-End Canopy protects the Integrity of your Dough, shaft and seals are designed for easy cleaning.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. Durability – Stainless Steel Exterior over Heavy-Duty “Unibody” Frame, Stainless
Steel Mixing Bowl with 5 Year Warranty, Agitator Shaft and Tilt Mechanisms built for 24/7 operations, Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) Adjusts to Mixing Environment

3. Productivity – Peerless Mixer Solutions are designed to integrate with all Ingredient Handling Systems and Baking Processes, PLC allows for Intuitive Operation and Control of the Mixing Process, and for Single-Person Control, Safety Features support Productivity without compromising Worker Safety

4. Service global installation / commissioning, service, preventative maintenance and support, Customer Support Team can quickly order commonly replaced “wear” parts to ensure uninterrupted production, Peerless Support and Service Teams have Worldwide Reach and Unmatched Experience.


For  more information, please visit our website at http://www.peerlessfood.com/equipment/peerless-double-sigma-mixer.html

Peerless Stand By Its Community

Peerless Food Equipment’s 2013 United Way campaign contribution is the highest it’s been in 3 years! With our parent company ITW’s match, Peerless is among the top employers in Shelby County supporting the efforts of the United Way.

United WayIn addition to the generous employee pledges, silent auctions are held, luncheons where all proceeds are donated to the United Way are planned throughout the year and employees volunteer their time and efforts to help several outreach  programs.

In 2013, Peerless supported the following non-profit programs:   New Choices, Clear Creek Farms and Samaritan Works.  Peerless employees along with several local business’s donate time and Clear Creek 2013material to fix, repair and update facilities so it’s newly painted, more energy-efficient and safer for the people who utilize these programs.  Peerless is very proud of these employees and look forward to another success United Way campaign for the community.

Ask The Expert Webinars

WebinarButtonIt’s difficult to believe that we’ve already completed 3!! Ask The Expert Webinars this year – but it’s true! The first webinar covered the differences between batch mixing and continuous mixing and featured Rick Kesig, our Director of Engineering. The second webinar focused on the advantages of Variable Frequency Drives in industrial equipment and featured John Cremeens.

The most recent webinar focused on the importance of PM (preventative maintenance) agreements and then went into some detail about PM’ing your mixer and creamer! This webinar was presented by two of our senior service technicians, Mr Patrick Smith and Mr. Gus Millecker.

As if these were not enough – we have three more webinars planned for the balance of the year! The topics include “What’s New in Sandwiching”, “Mixer Sanitation” and the most AWESOME will be our IBIE preview webinar in September!!! You will NOT want to miss the IBIE Preview! Exciting things there! so Please REGISTER HERE for the Peerless Food Equipment Ask the Expert Webinar series!

If you do miss one of the webinars, feel free to visit our Video page on our website for links to those recorded webinars!

Peerless Celebrates 100 Yr Anniversary!!!! 1913 – 2013

100thAnniversaryWhat do companies like Snyder’s-Lance, Kellogg, Campbell Soup Co. and The Kroger Company have in common with Peerless?  That sounds like and easy question… First, they all make food.  Second, they all use Peerless Mixers…. Third, they are all over 100 yrs old…. YES!!! That’s it!  Peerless Food Equipment celebrated a MAJOR milestone on January 7, 2013 –  that date marked the 100th year of business for Peerless – who started out at The Peerless Bread Machine Co. back in Sidney Ohio in 1913! 

Published is the Sidney Daily News on Jan 7, 1913

Jan. 7, 1913
The Standard Clutch Manufacturing Co. has been reorganized during the past few days and re-incorporated under the name of The Peerless Bread Machine Co. The new company has new capital interested and some new people interested. Organization was completed by electing E.J. Griffis, president; William Piper, vice president; F.X. Lauterbur, secretary and treasurer and general manager. Other members of the board of directors are: A.C. Getz and E.T. Custenborder. The new company has taken over the Standard Clutch plant and will manufacture and put on sale bread making machinery.

In a time and economy where the average age of a company is 15 years, it is incredible to think that Peerless has been around for 100 yrs.   This is a credit to the high quality of the machines produced by Peerless then… and now.  Peerless products have evolved over time, changed to meet the market needs and have added and retired brands.   The company still remains in Sidney Ohio – very close to the original site it begin on 100 yrs ago.

This year, Peerless Food Equipment will celebrate our 100 th anniversary ALL YEAR!!!   We hope you will help us celebrate too! Visit our website at Peerless Food to find out where we will be celebrating and stop by to join us!

Peerless to Host Ask the Expert Webinar Series in 2013!

Peerless Food Equipment is excited to announce a new educational webinar series for 2013!   Beginning January 10, 2013 at 2:00 pm ET and then occurring every other month during 2013  – Peerless will host hour-long webinars that cover a wide range of topics.   These webinars will last for about 60 minutes and include a Q&A time for audience members to ask topic related questions to the experts on topic here at Peerless.

We will also  provide a White Paper to each of the webinar attendees on the topic as well.   IF you’d like to read more about the webinar topics – please visit our website and read the full Press Release.   You can register for one, two or all six webinars on our website, or just click the button below to register now!!!   You will receive a confirmation email during your registration process and then 24 hours before each webinar you will receive an email with the URL/call in number for that event.

Please share this post and let others know about these webinars!  The more the Merrier!!!!

IBA 2012 – Munich, Germany!

Jeff Gawka, Kroger, wins an iPad awarded by Eric Cruse.

Peerless Food Equipment exhibited at IBA 2012 in Munich Germany, September 16-21st.  We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth this year to see us.  And, we’d like to congratulate the four iPad winners from the show!  This includes Jeff Gawka, Kroger, John Severin, Harlan Bakeries,  Ivan Cuassolo, Bagley Argentina S.A and  Mohammed Ali Alabbas, Delta Modern Food Factory.

This show occurs every three years and this year drew 70,000 attendees from 177 different countries. The show features 1,250 different exhibitors who cover all aspects of the bakery and confectionary market.  Everything from mixing and processing equipment suppliers to ingredient suppliers to packaging equipment suppliers lined the 12 pavilions.   This show has it ALL  for the Bakery!This was my first year to attend this international show, and while I am quite familiar with expansive shows like NAFEM and NRA, here in the states, I really had no idea how much bigger this show would be compared to those shows in the US.  IBA is HUGE!!!

Peerless Booth at IBA 2012.

The Peerless booth featured our new logo and brand look and feel.  The large new logo towered over the booth and the bright colors of the booth really stood out among the stainless steel in the hall.   We had a large plasma screen that displayed rotating images of our different Peerless horizontal mixers products, our Peters creamers and Fedco finishing equipment as well.    The booth also featured two user controlled iPad kiosks with large screen monitors for display of images, brochures and videos of Sigma Mixers, Peters multipliers and tray loaders as well as Fedco Cooling Tunnels, Slurry mixers and Continuous Mixers.

One of the most interesting part to me was the international representation of our installed customer base.  Customers from China, Korea, South Africa, Italy, the UK, India, France, Canada, the US, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Fiji, Argentina, Japan, Australia and New Zealand,  just to name a few … stopped by to speak with us about new opportunities and to talk about their existing equipment.   Horizontal mixers and creamers manufactured in Sidney, Ohio travel all over the world to support great food companies!

Six days of standing  from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm is no easy task.  But meeting our customers and agents directly, made the time fly by. Hearing first hand how our Roller Bar mixers produce bread and English Muffins and bagels and rolls all over the world is quite gratifying.  And, hearing customers say, “I never have any problems with my Peerless mixer – it just runs” is a GREAT feeling!   Knowing that the quality and care that we put into making each one of the machines that leave our building is appreciated really makes the job even more rewarding.

Peerless Food Equipment Launches New Website!

Peerless Food Equipment, manufacturer of Peerless Horizontal Mixers, Peters Sandwiching and Fedco Depositing Equipment, is pleased  to announce the launch of a new interactive website, www.peerlessfood.com.  This site will support the commercial bakery and food industry by providing easy to navigate pages of updated equipment information, new photos and equipment videos.

The new website provides updated information and photos about the equipment that Peerless manufactures and sells around the world.  It also incorporates new videos and social media feeds so that it can easily be kept up to date. The best feature is the ability to quickly connect with Peerless through a new Contact Us form, new direct and toll-free phone numbers or Skype.  The Contact Us form is directly routed to the appropriate department for review and faster-to-the-customer response.

“Businesses today go online to research their equipment needs.  They need information when they need it.  The new Peerless Food Equipment website is designed to provide quick , 24/7 information access to our customers as well as provide direct email and phone contacts with our sales and service teams,” said George Hoff, General Manager for Peerless.  Hoff further stated, “Making it easier to communicate, and do business, with Peerless is the real goal of this website, regardless of the type of communication that the customer prefers.”