Service Bulletin – Trunnion Roller Maintenance On DA Mixers

DA650 front-2Peerless Food Equipment is starting a new Service Bulletin program.   Monthly, we will publish blog posts that cover different topics from the service perspective… things like “Preparing for your equipment install”  to “Preventative Maintenance Schedules”, and everything in between.

We are going to kick off this new feature with a post on Trunnion Roller Maintenance in Double Arm Mixers.    The blog post will provide an overview of the full article as well as a link to the full detailed bulletin that can be found on the Peerless Website!   We hope you enjoy this new feature!

When Customers order trunnion rollers for their Double Arm (DA) mixers they may not be aware that these rollers need to be custom fit to their mixer. The reason is because the columns on a mixer frame are not always square with the bowl, differences in bowl widths and the use of a common standard roller. If a customer orders replacement rollers they need to be prepared to machine (lathe) the width of each roller ordered.

Rollers serve two functions on a mixer – bowl support and maintaining bowl center position. Rollers support the bowl at the gear case housings. Gear case housings also have a machined step for the purpose of maintaining bowl center position. These steps limit side to side bowl movement using the back shoulder of the rollers.

Rollers need changed if they become flat spotted, worn in diameter or the brass inner bushing wears. In extreme cases of wear complete assemblies will need to be replaced. Rollers are wear items but you can expect years of trouble free use if you lubricate them weekly. Premature failures are mostly contributed to lack of lubrication.

A good inspection of rollers will include confirming gear case housings are centered in column/frame cut out. As your bowl settles downward the upper rollers will lose contact and stop rotating during bowl tilting. Bowls will always settle downward so expect the greatest wear at the bottom rollers. If rollers are extremely worn the gear case(s) will be contacting and riding against the column cut out.

Thorough and detailed maintenance contributes to the longevity of your mixer!   Please visit the Peerless website for the full service bulletin with detailed instructions about replacing worn trunnion rollers on your double arm mixer!

What You Need to Know About the Installation of a New Mixer?

High Speed RollerBar MixerYour new Peerless High Speed Mixer will be arriving soon and you need to prepare! Here are a few quick topics to help you plan for it.

Safety – the mixer is heavy and awkward. Use only experienced riggers to move and place the mixer. If tipped over, the mixer could cause serious injury or death. We recommend the use of personal protective equipment by operators, maintenance, service, cleaning, and all other personnel working in the operating area of a Peerless mixer when conditions 5 Personal protective equipment includes safety eye glasses, ear plugs with specified noise reduction rating (NRR) for the job, and respirators with adequate filters.

When it arrives, it will be shrink-wrapped and on a skid. If it has been shipped overseas, it will arrive totally enclosed and crated on a wooden skid.

Upon arrival and removal from the truck, your mixer can be removed by a forklift, crane or drag/push the mixer while still attached to the skid. lifting lugsWe suggest lifting the mixer from the rear if possible. For export crating a forklift or crane and straps can be used as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      lifting pointsDo not lift mixers using canopy (bowl cover), agitator shaft, or bowl assembly.  Lift mixer only at specified lift points.





Site preparation

The standard Peerless dough mixer is designed with four (4) rectangular legs. These legs raise the base of the mixer 6″ (15cm) off the floor to allow for cleaning under the mixer. Optional leg heights and configurations are available.

warehouse 1When deciding where the mixer will be located, consider the following points:

  1. Provide ample space on all four (4) sides of the mixer for cleaning and maintenance. We recommend a minimum clearance of 3’ (1m) on the ends and rear and 5’ (1.5m) at the front.
  2. If possible, allow room at either end of the mixer for pulling the agitator shaft. Allow about 6″ (15cm) less than the overall length of the mixer.
  3. Allow enough room behind the mixer for the refrigeration hose loop and for removal of the motor.
  4. The end doors can be lifted off if necessary, but must be installed for operation of the mixer.
  5. The drive end of the mixer (sprockets, chain and drip oiler, or belt drive) is on the right end of the mixer.
  6. The Hydraulic Tilt System is on the left-hand end of the mixer as standard and optionally available on the right-hand end.
  7. Install the mixer near a waste-water drain.
  8. Install the electrical enclosure in a dry place near the mixer and in direct sight of the operator.

When a Peerless dough mixer is running, the load is such that the mixer must be mounted to the floor or pad. The Certified Data Sheet shows the actual style of the mixer hold-down legs and the dimensions and location of the mounting bolts. Because of the many factors in designing a pad for the mixer, we strongly recommend that an architect or structural engineer be consulted.



BEMA has annual meeting – DIVE IN!

hallmark-overall_WebBEMA held its annual meeting on June 19-24, 2014 in Fairmont Southhampton, Bermuda.  Our very own National Accounts Manager, Patrice Painchaud was in attendance where wholesale bakers and snack producers got a chance to connect and interact with vendors and customers from around the industry.


During the meeting, BEMA formed various customer panels (Sweets Snacks & Co-Pack panel, Family Owned Bakeries Panel and BIF -Bakery Industry Forum).  These panels included guests from Pepperidge Farm/Campbell Soup Co, Baptista Bakery, Turano Bakery, Amoroso Bakery, Aryzta and Dawn Foods just to name a few.  Throughout the six day event, the panels held information and discussion sessions where safety, innovation, niche markets and challenges of the day were discussed.  What a great way to bring all sectors of the baking industry together to enhance dialog and culture!

For over 85 ylogoears, BEMA (Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds) members have been providing customers with high quality products.  Through their efforts; innovation, sanitation and production efficiencies are at the forefront and keep industry standards above average.  Peerless has been a member of BEMA for over 30+ years. Patrice is the current International Committee Chairmen.



Cool Down Your Dough with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System Options

The modern bakery has a variety of different doughs working for them today.  Some doughs work better chilled and others work better at a warmer temperature. The normal final dough temperature for breads and bun dough ranges between 75°F. to 80°F. 

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment

High Speed, Roller Bar Horizontal Mixer made by Peerless Food Equipment


Products such as pizza or frozen dough have exit temperatures in the lower 70’s or cooler.  For cookies and pies; it’s even lower.  Cool down dough temperature with our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System.  It is the solution to your temperature problems without adding ice, chilled water, flour and other ingredients to the mixer.  


Cold Bar FeaturesTPG_ColdBar

Our Cold Bar & Cold BarPlus System includes a refrigerated jacket, bowl ends and breaker bar.  It also comes with our exclusive refrigerated agitator bars.  When you combine the two systems, you have the largest refrigerated area in the industry where the dough is always in contact with a refrigerated surface, and you can lower the dough temperature up to 8-10 degrees compared with the standard jacket cooling. Glycol system is designed so that there are no jointed, moving elements in the product zone which is ideal for the production of English muffins, hamburger buns, bread and frozen doughs.

Cold Bar Maintenancesafety

Maintenance is important to ensure your mixer is working properly and to safeguard the long life of your equipment.  Monthly inspections are necessary to check for leaks in the agitator and proper lubrication assessments should be scheduled daily or monthly depending on the use of the machine.  See your Peerless Service Technician for any questions.

Visit Peerless at Interpack, Booth 1C23, May 8-15, 2014

InterpackLogoPeerless Food Equipment will be exhibiting at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany May 8-14, 2014.   We will feature our NEW!  KleanVue Mixer line as well as our updated Peters Sandwiching machine!

Stop by booth 1C23 to see a 6 row, updated Peters Sandwiching machine and to speak with one of our sales team about how Peerless equipment can help alleviate your sanitation concerns and increase your production efficiency.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with a Peerless rep at Interpack in May, please complete the Contact Form below and we will be happy to arrange a meeting time.

Peerless rings the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

KettleEach year, Peerless employees volunteer to take an hour out of their day to ring the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.  On November 27, 2013, seven employees rang the bell from 10 AM – 5 PM at the local Kroger grocery store in Sidney, Ohio.

Kettlebell1-480x330The Salvation Army is an extraordinary organization that is worldwide and assists more than four-and-a-half million people during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time periods.  Kettles are now used in such distant lands as Korea, Japan, Chile and many European countries.

New Innovations for Rotary Dough Feeders

Performance, reliability and durability are key words for our newest innovation!  Our Rotary Dough Feeder automatically feeds dough to dividers or forming equipment without changing the dough condition or temperature.  The exciting advance in design is the addition of the treatment on the cutters.

dough-feeder-down-viewOur Cutters have an embedded blue surface treatment that is FDA compliant, which enhance release of the dough while offering a durable surface with extended life!!  The benefits of this cutter treatment are Non-Stick, Thermal Stability, Corrosion Protection, Chemical Resistance, Low Friction, Wear Resistance, and Excellent Adhesion.  The dough feeders are suitable for bread, roll, biscuit, cracker and cookie doughs.  Our open design is easy for routine maintenance and sanitation.  Along with quiet operation and a portable design, Peerless has a more efficient approach to dough handling.  Visit Peerless Food Equipment today for more information.

IBA 2012 – Munich, Germany!

Jeff Gawka, Kroger, wins an iPad awarded by Eric Cruse.

Peerless Food Equipment exhibited at IBA 2012 in Munich Germany, September 16-21st.  We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth this year to see us.  And, we’d like to congratulate the four iPad winners from the show!  This includes Jeff Gawka, Kroger, John Severin, Harlan Bakeries,  Ivan Cuassolo, Bagley Argentina S.A and  Mohammed Ali Alabbas, Delta Modern Food Factory.

This show occurs every three years and this year drew 70,000 attendees from 177 different countries. The show features 1,250 different exhibitors who cover all aspects of the bakery and confectionary market.  Everything from mixing and processing equipment suppliers to ingredient suppliers to packaging equipment suppliers lined the 12 pavilions.   This show has it ALL  for the Bakery!This was my first year to attend this international show, and while I am quite familiar with expansive shows like NAFEM and NRA, here in the states, I really had no idea how much bigger this show would be compared to those shows in the US.  IBA is HUGE!!!

Peerless Booth at IBA 2012.

The Peerless booth featured our new logo and brand look and feel.  The large new logo towered over the booth and the bright colors of the booth really stood out among the stainless steel in the hall.   We had a large plasma screen that displayed rotating images of our different Peerless horizontal mixers products, our Peters creamers and Fedco finishing equipment as well.    The booth also featured two user controlled iPad kiosks with large screen monitors for display of images, brochures and videos of Sigma Mixers, Peters multipliers and tray loaders as well as Fedco Cooling Tunnels, Slurry mixers and Continuous Mixers.

One of the most interesting part to me was the international representation of our installed customer base.  Customers from China, Korea, South Africa, Italy, the UK, India, France, Canada, the US, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Fiji, Argentina, Japan, Australia and New Zealand,  just to name a few … stopped by to speak with us about new opportunities and to talk about their existing equipment.   Horizontal mixers and creamers manufactured in Sidney, Ohio travel all over the world to support great food companies!

Six days of standing  from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm is no easy task.  But meeting our customers and agents directly, made the time fly by. Hearing first hand how our Roller Bar mixers produce bread and English Muffins and bagels and rolls all over the world is quite gratifying.  And, hearing customers say, “I never have any problems with my Peerless mixer – it just runs” is a GREAT feeling!   Knowing that the quality and care that we put into making each one of the machines that leave our building is appreciated really makes the job even more rewarding.

Peerless Food Equipment to Exhibit at IBA ’12

Peerless Food Equipment will exhibit at IBA ’12  World Markets for Baking... in Munich, Germany September 16-21, 2012.

This is the premier show for the international baking and confectioners market!  Peerless will be in Hall B1, Booth 130!   Please stop by and visit us!  

The Peerless staff is ready to address all of your equipment questions regarding:

Peerless Mixers and Dough Handling
Peters Biscuit Sandwiching
SuperGrain Dough Processing and
Fedco Depositing, Icing and Mixing

Bakery Equipment Replacement Parts Program from Peerless

Since 1913, Peerless Food Equipment has been a trusted equipment supplier to the bakery industry.  Peerless is known for manufacturing robust mixers, bread dividers, dough rounders and other dough handling equipment for the bakery, but, did you know that Peerless is also a leading supplier of aftermarket replacement parts?

That is correct!

Peerless is committed to extending the life of your existing bakery equipment by offering a wide range of replacement parts, not only for Peerless, Fedco, Supergrain and Hallmark equipment lines – but Peerless also offers replacement parts for other brands of bakery equipment as well.

Due to our long-standing partnership with, and knowledge of, the bakery industry needs, Peerless offers replacement parts, assemblies and kits for many different types and brands of dough handling equipment, like:

  • Mechanical Dividers (ram and shear dough)  – piston face plates, replacement pins, bushings and shafts
  • Mixers (including stationary bowl mixers) – door seals and door shaft drive components

Contact Peerless today for all your mixer replacement part needs – from shaft seals and agitators, to door seals and door shaft drive components, Peerless can help extend the useful life of your bakery equipment.   Peerless can even provide replacement mixer bowls.

JD Knupp at
or 937-494-2810 (direct)