Twelve Days of Christmas – Cookie Countdown!! Day 11 – Reindeer Cupcakes!

Reindeer CupcakesDay 11 of our countdown comes to us from our friends at Pepperidge Farm!  and, they are not necessarily cookies… but AWESOME Reindeer Cupcakes! 

These little guys are great fun for kids to help with and decorate.  They will keep everyone in the household entertained as you all work together to ice cupcakes, and create the reindeer features.

Please visit the Pepperidge Farm website for this and many more Holiday Treat ideas.

You can also visit the Peerless Food Equipment website and FaceBook page to see Holiday Treat ideas during this Christmas Countdown!

Peerless SD9 Horizontal Mixer


Peerles SD9 Horizontal Mixer

New Goldfish Cracker Mixer – headed out the door to Williard, Ohio-  just in time for Christmas!! Hope their tree is big enough for this to fit under…. becuse this new mixer will mix  2,200 lb batches of Goldfish Cracker dough.  It passed its’ customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with flying colors and will start production soon!

We will miss you “little mixer” – but we know you will do a great job mixing Goldfish cracker dough!  Learn more about Peerless Sigma Mixers at


Peerless is a Trusted Partner in the Bread Business

At Peerless, we pride ourselves on working with our customers to understand their business needs and to manufacture equipment that meets their needs.  Here’s a story from that talks about how Pepperidge Farm project managers learn from other sister plants and then implement a new double bread line smoothly.  It also features some very nice mentions of their incorporation of Peerless High Speed, Horizontal Mixers into their Bread Lines.  The article also talks about utilizing our bread handling equipment to automate some pieces of their new Bread Line as well.

Click Here to read the full Pepperidge Farm story. 

High Speed Bread Mixers from Peerless look like this

To learn more about High Speed Mixers – you can Click Here to access The Peerless Groups’ website.