3 Ways Peerless Is Keeping Up With Market Demands

Peerless is making changes to meet the market demand.  Change is good and keeps things progressing.  So with that said, we changed our product offering and lead the way with innovation, sanitation and durability with three new advanced ideas the market is needing.

1.) Peters Sandwiching machines have been simplified with the addition of a servo drivenpeters servo front system. This system allows for easy integration with many packaging systems.  The servos are positioned on the non-operator side of the machine which allows for easier maintenance access, too. Oreo-Pile



2.) KleanVue Mixers, the “New Kid On The Block” is making waves in the market for its kleanvue-front-viewinnovative tubular frame design allowing for the ultimate in sanitation for open frame mixers.  The inter-locking tubular design increases frame strength and the placing all the drive and tilt mechanisms on the same side reduces the need for safety guarding on both sides of the mixer.

muffins purple plade





3.) Hallmark is back on the floor and is perfect for the baker with small batches but hallmark-overall_Webdemand high performance.







These new changes will help the baker and manufacturing plant with the demands of todays market.  Peerless is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with superior service and unmatched reliability.  See our website or call us for more information.

What Does Patent #2,993,453 Have to do with Peerless?

The patent referenced above, issued on July 25, 1961 is for Sandwiching Machines – is still the basic concept behind the Peters Sandwiching machines that we build today. Cream Cookie  Peerless has continued to refine and enhance the machine that Frank Peters’ company brought to fruition so many years ago.

This year, a new patent application was published that will document a stencil assembly that is more readily  adaptable to accommodate multiple row production.  This latest published application is the work of one of our engineers at The Peerless Group – and we couldn’t be more proud.

Peters Sandwiching machines are used all over the world.  From China, to Brazil, from Chicago, IL to India.  From El Salvador to Trinidad.   Peters equipment is respected worldwide.  As we continually work to gain more knowledge of the futuree – I ask everyone “What do YOU envision as the next “big thing” in Sandwich Cookies?”  Leave your ideas in the comments.

Would you like a cookie to go with your mixer?

Base Cakes

Base Cakes Going for Cream

Peerless does more than build mixers – we also build the machines that create sandwich cookies…(THAT’S why this job is so cool….)   This is a photo from one of the tests that we do on machines before they leave the factory… we actually run cookies.  🙂

This photo shows a line of base cakes going for cream – then they will get their top cake and be ready to package!

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