National Oreo Day – March 6th!

According to – March the 6th is National Oreo Day.   In order to pay homage to this cornerstone of snack cookies – we offer a link to a video on the History channel titled
Oreo Cookies where you can learn more about the many ways there are to eat a Oreo Cookie!

Did you know that the Oreo has a SONG?  You can download that by visiting Oreo Website and you OReoLadybugcan learn more about the “Wonderfilled” cookie known as Oreo there too!   There are Oreo recipes and Oreo games… it’s a great site!  And there are links to the Oreo Facebook page too!

Did you know that according to the Mondelez Website, the Oreo cookie is marketed in the following countries:  Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Philippines.

The Oreo cookie and brand definitely have a life of their own – and Peerless Food Equipment is happy to celebrate National Oreo Day!

3 Ways Peerless Is Keeping Up With Market Demands

Peerless is making changes to meet the market demand.  Change is good and keeps things progressing.  So with that said, we changed our product offering and lead the way with innovation, sanitation and durability with three new advanced ideas the market is needing.

1.) Peters Sandwiching machines have been simplified with the addition of a servo drivenpeters servo front system. This system allows for easy integration with many packaging systems.  The servos are positioned on the non-operator side of the machine which allows for easier maintenance access, too. Oreo-Pile



2.) KleanVue Mixers, the “New Kid On The Block” is making waves in the market for its kleanvue-front-viewinnovative tubular frame design allowing for the ultimate in sanitation for open frame mixers.  The inter-locking tubular design increases frame strength and the placing all the drive and tilt mechanisms on the same side reduces the need for safety guarding on both sides of the mixer.

muffins purple plade





3.) Hallmark is back on the floor and is perfect for the baker with small batches but hallmark-overall_Webdemand high performance.







These new changes will help the baker and manufacturing plant with the demands of todays market.  Peerless is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with superior service and unmatched reliability.  See our website or call us for more information.

Cookies and Crackers – Peter Sandwiching Machines Are No Slackers!

Our Peters PT2 Sandwiching Servo Driven Machine is a 2-lane machine that is capable of producing biscuit or cracker cream sandwiches at speeds up to 1,600 per minute.  If pt2 openyou want versatility, effieciency and sanitation, check out our line of sandwiching machines.  Today, Peters has a worldwide reputation for the industry’s best sandwiching machines, cream feed systems, row multipliers, row combiners, biscuit feed systems, and automatic sandwich loading equipment.  If your biscuit and cracker sandwiching needs call for reliability, precision, and profitability, then look to Peters. With new and improved features, Peters stands to take 2014 by storm!

Peerless Hosts International Agents!

Peerless Food Equipment is proud to announce that we will be hosting an International Agent Educational Summit May 7-9, 2012 in Sidney, Ohio.

This training session will include sales strategy training for the Peerless, Peters and Fedco equipment lines as well as service, parts and warranty instruction.  The agents will spend time with internal Peerless contacts and the management team so that they have a better understanding of the sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and financial processes within Peerless.

Agents from Latin America  and South Korea will be in attendance at this meeting.   Peerless hosted the first training session like this last fall and received very favorable reviews from the attendees.  For more information, visit the Peerless website and the agent training announcement.

New Video of Peters MT4 Sandwiching Machine

Take a look at one of our new works of “engineering art” here at Peerless.  Click Here to see a video of a Peters MT4 Sandwiching machine.    This video is of a 4 lane sandwiching machine that will load finished cookies into a 12 lane multiplier, which in this case, will then feed into a cooling tunnel.

This machine is headed off to Brazil with its’ “big brother” – a 6 lane machine!!  Each lane on these machines can produce up to 800 sandwich cookies each minute!   That is a lot of sandwich cookies.

Peter Row Multiplier

The photo to the left shows an example of a 2 lane machine feeding into a 6 lane multiplier – the video link above features a machine that  is DOUBLE that capacity!

For more information about Peters sandwiching equipment or Peerless mixers and other dough handling machines, please visit our website!

International Agent Educational Summit is September 20-21st!

The first Peerless Agent Educational Summit is right around the corner – which is really cool!  I am looking forward to meeting representatives of six of the international agent groups who represent the Peerless/Peters, and sometimes Fedco, Brands around the world.

The Peerless Building in Sidney, OH

This summit is exciting for several reasons, including:

  • We get to show off our production facility.  We build some great products here and it is a well run place.
  • We (the folks here in the office) get to put a face with a name – many people here support the agents’ request while few get the opportunity to meet them in person.
  • The agents get a first hand access and training on the products they represent.  Most are quite familiar with Mixer line – but the Peters line may be a newer sell to them.  The hands on access to machines in process, as well as the direct conversation with the sales team, sales support team, the engineering team and the production team = a SUPER opportunity.

Welcome to OHIO!!!

Click here to read more about the event.