New Innovations for Rotary Dough Feeders

Performance, reliability and durability are key words for our newest innovation!  Our Rotary Dough Feeder automatically feeds dough to dividers or forming equipment without changing the dough condition or temperature.  The exciting advance in design is the addition of the treatment on the cutters.

dough-feeder-down-viewOur Cutters have an embedded blue surface treatment that is FDA compliant, which enhance release of the dough while offering a durable surface with extended life!!  The benefits of this cutter treatment are Non-Stick, Thermal Stability, Corrosion Protection, Chemical Resistance, Low Friction, Wear Resistance, and Excellent Adhesion.  The dough feeders are suitable for bread, roll, biscuit, cracker and cookie doughs.  Our open design is easy for routine maintenance and sanitation.  Along with quiet operation and a portable design, Peerless has a more efficient approach to dough handling.  Visit Peerless Food Equipment today for more information.

Peerless Rotary Dough Feeder (RDF) Gets the Job Done

The Peerless Group is known for more than mixers and sandwiching machines.  Peerless is also known for Dough Handling equipment.  Once you have a 1,500 lbs dough ball mixed – you need to physically move it to the next step in the process.  This is where the Rotary Dough Feeder (RDF) comes in! Click here to watch a video about the Peerless RDF.

Dough is dumped from the mixer into the RDF.  The RDF then chunks out uniform pieces of dough onto a conveyor that transports the dough to the next step in the manufacturing process.  The next step might be a drop into a freezing unit, an oven or another moulding device.  Rotary Dough Feeders help to automate the process of moving mass amounts of dough through a system more efficiently and can eliminate the need for troughs, trough hoists and large hoppers in the bakery.  It also helps to reduce the direct contact needed with the dough – reducing the heat exchange.

The Peerless RDF has an open frame design that allows for easy access and cleaning – promoting good sanitation practices.  And, the Peerless RDF can be optioned up with additional product lubrication nozzles if needed.    For more information about Peerless Dough Handling Equipment – feel free to visit our website!