Sanitary Shaft Seals – Are they worth the added expense?

Over the years, how many times have seal leaks affected your production?  How many times have you had to stop a line because of contamination caused by leaks.  How much money did that cost in lost production and downtime?  If you stopped to think about it, I bet you would be amazed.  Bakers have accepted this nuisance as common industry standards.  

Our customers have said they want seals that do not leak.  Quick and easy sanitation.  Quick and easy maintenance and field retrofitable.  shaft seal picture

The NEW Peerless Shaft Seals are designed to withstand the most stringent applications in mixing.  The Rotary Shaft Seals (available for both Horizontal and  Vertical Mixers) are reliable and easily maintained.

Here is the value added to your productions bottom line:

  • Seals do NOT leak
  • Does not wear shaft
  • Field retrofitable
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Available for Slurry Mixers
  • Available for Horizontal Mixers
  • Custom design available for competitive product
  • Seal consumable

shaft detail

With these new seals, you eliminate the daily tasks of disassembly, cleaning and reinstalling of shaft seals.  They provide almost zero maintenance for thousands of hours and prevents bearing and shaft failure.

Sanitation is a key word in todays industry and on the mind of bakers around the world.  Wtih the Sanitary Shaft Seals with Air Purge, you can see how this is invaluable.

Peerless Transitions to H1 Lubricants

In an effort to set the bar in sanitation, Peerless Food Equipment is transitioning to the use of H1 Lubricants.

Sanitation and material certification have become more regulated in the food industry mirroring how it has been for years in the pharmaceutical world.  One area that was kleanvue-front-viewneglected until recently is lubricants.  Newer FDA regulations are requiring certification of lubricants for use in the food-processing industry in which Peerless supplies their products.  Many of our larger brand name customers are changing their entire facilities over to the exclusive use of H1 lubricants.  H1 lubricants are intended for applications where incidental, technically unavoidable, contact with food product may occur.  These lubricants are manufactured strictly in line with requirements.  As a leader in the food equipment manufacturing industry, Peerless takes seriously our responsibility to deliver machines that meet or exceed current sanitation and compliance regulations.  Therefore, we are upgrading all of our lubricants to be H1 compliant to insure our equipment is compatible with our customer’s product and to prevent the use of any non-compliant lubricants in a sanitary food manufacturing area.  This will insure maximum food safety and consistent use of FDA compliant H1 lubrication products for our valued customers.

With the new KleanVue Series of mixers, Peerless is “MIXING THE BEST in sanitation!!