Service Bulletin – Trunnion Roller Maintenance On DA Mixers

DA650 front-2Peerless Food Equipment is starting a new Service Bulletin program.   Monthly, we will publish blog posts that cover different topics from the service perspective… things like “Preparing for your equipment install”  to “Preventative Maintenance Schedules”, and everything in between.

We are going to kick off this new feature with a post on Trunnion Roller Maintenance in Double Arm Mixers.    The blog post will provide an overview of the full article as well as a link to the full detailed bulletin that can be found on the Peerless Website!   We hope you enjoy this new feature!

When Customers order trunnion rollers for their Double Arm (DA) mixers they may not be aware that these rollers need to be custom fit to their mixer. The reason is because the columns on a mixer frame are not always square with the bowl, differences in bowl widths and the use of a common standard roller. If a customer orders replacement rollers they need to be prepared to machine (lathe) the width of each roller ordered.

Rollers serve two functions on a mixer – bowl support and maintaining bowl center position. Rollers support the bowl at the gear case housings. Gear case housings also have a machined step for the purpose of maintaining bowl center position. These steps limit side to side bowl movement using the back shoulder of the rollers.

Rollers need changed if they become flat spotted, worn in diameter or the brass inner bushing wears. In extreme cases of wear complete assemblies will need to be replaced. Rollers are wear items but you can expect years of trouble free use if you lubricate them weekly. Premature failures are mostly contributed to lack of lubrication.

A good inspection of rollers will include confirming gear case housings are centered in column/frame cut out. As your bowl settles downward the upper rollers will lose contact and stop rotating during bowl tilting. Bowls will always settle downward so expect the greatest wear at the bottom rollers. If rollers are extremely worn the gear case(s) will be contacting and riding against the column cut out.

Thorough and detailed maintenance contributes to the longevity of your mixer!   Please visit the Peerless website for the full service bulletin with detailed instructions about replacing worn trunnion rollers on your double arm mixer!