Is Protein-Enriched Food the Next Big Thing?

bagelGluten Free was and still is the buzzword in the food industry.  Now we are hearing a new catchword on the horizon.  It’s called protein enriched foods, most notably nutrition bars, cereal, bread, non-dairy beverages and soups.

Protein-enriched foods by definition would be foods that naturally does not have protein or very little and then “enriched” with protein.  Doing so sets up the manufacturer to compete with the perceived “healthy snacks” market.  enriched-flour-foods

This could be the tip fo the iceberg as there are many foods such as bagels, frozen meals people would like to see enriched.

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Every Machine Has a Different Story

One of the unique things about working at Peerless is that every machine that we build is customized to meet the needs of our customers.   Let me introduce you to one of our latest creations…..


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