recycling-symbol1Several years ago, Peerless created its own “Green Team” in an effort to “Go Green” and improve our sustainability.  Through this process of recycling, conservation and foot print awareness, we discovered The University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center right in our own back yard.   This program conducts free assessments for mid-sized industries and provides valuable feedback regarding energy-saving recommendations.

On January 27, 2014 The University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center (US-IAC) came to Peerless to identify and evaluate opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. During the one day visit, the team gathered data, met with plant management and identified several substantial cost saving methods.  HVAC, Lighting, Compressed Air and CO2 emissions were all evaluated.  The results were amazing!!!  Our results showed we could decrease our current plant utility costs by about 35% and CO2 emissions by about 26% per year with a 4 month simple payback.


Sustainability and being responsible for our foot print is something we all need to think about and this audit by The University of Dayton certainly was a valuable tool for Peerless.

Peerless Steps Up To Recycle

The Peerless Group implemented a Recycle program through out the plant and office in June 2011.   Peerless is recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans, office paper, cardboard, plastic bags and shrink-wrap.  We had good participation the first full month (July ’11) and were able to recycle 2,675 lbs of fiber, metal, plastic and glass.  This helped conserve 660 gallons of oil, 13,719 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 21 mature trees, 8,680 gallons of water and 8 cubic yards of landfill.

The best part about this story is that we just received our recycle stats for August 2011.  During that month, Peerless recycled 12,528 pounds of fiber, metal, plastic and glass!!!   HUGE INCREASE!!!   This recycled material helped conserve 2,957 gallons of oil, 42,700 gallons of water, 63,827 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 103 mature trees and 32 cubic yards of landfill.

For more information about business sustainability, visit our partner A Greener Solution, LLC
and stay tuned to this blog for more updates about how The Peerless Group works to help improve the community that we live in!  🙂