New Logo for Peerless Food Equipment!

New Logo for Peerless Food Equipment
What do you think about our new Logo?

Peerless is launching a new logo and tagline with the new YEAR!!!   This logo is the Peerless Family logo – and we have Brand Logos featuring Peerless, Peters and Fedco equipment as well.   Another exciting thing that we are working on is new product literature!  I will be sure to display it here – as well as on the website once it is completed!!!

To learn more about Peerless Food Equipment – visit our website at!

Peters 4-3 Sandwich Machine


Peters 4-3 Sandwich Machine

This brand new machine is on its way to China to produce a sandwich cookie that is three crackers with two sets of cream filling in each one!! HOW COOL! That means base cracker, cream filling, middle cracker, cream filling, top cracker!

The “4-3” part means that there are 4 rows of cookies in production and that each cookie is “3 high”.   Peters machines range in size from one row of cookies produced to as many a 6!!! rows being produced at a time!  Now that’s a lot of cookies.

Visit us at to learn more about these machines.

New Video of Peters MT4 Sandwiching Machine

Take a look at one of our new works of “engineering art” here at Peerless.  Click Here to see a video of a Peters MT4 Sandwiching machine.    This video is of a 4 lane sandwiching machine that will load finished cookies into a 12 lane multiplier, which in this case, will then feed into a cooling tunnel.

This machine is headed off to Brazil with its’ “big brother” – a 6 lane machine!!  Each lane on these machines can produce up to 800 sandwich cookies each minute!   That is a lot of sandwich cookies.

Peter Row Multiplier

The photo to the left shows an example of a 2 lane machine feeding into a 6 lane multiplier – the video link above features a machine that  is DOUBLE that capacity!

For more information about Peters sandwiching equipment or Peerless mixers and other dough handling machines, please visit our website!

International Agent Educational Summit is September 20-21st!

The first Peerless Agent Educational Summit is right around the corner – which is really cool!  I am looking forward to meeting representatives of six of the international agent groups who represent the Peerless/Peters, and sometimes Fedco, Brands around the world.

The Peerless Building in Sidney, OH

This summit is exciting for several reasons, including:

  • We get to show off our production facility.  We build some great products here and it is a well run place.
  • We (the folks here in the office) get to put a face with a name – many people here support the agents’ request while few get the opportunity to meet them in person.
  • The agents get a first hand access and training on the products they represent.  Most are quite familiar with Mixer line – but the Peters line may be a newer sell to them.  The hands on access to machines in process, as well as the direct conversation with the sales team, sales support team, the engineering team and the production team = a SUPER opportunity.

Welcome to OHIO!!!

Click here to read more about the event.

Peerless + Relay for Life = Bronze Level Team

The Peerless Group works together at the plant –  receiving orders and

Relay For Life Team
Peerless Relay for Life Team Members

manufacturing equipment that ships around the word to produce food for many different people.  The Peerless Team also comes together outside of the office to support causes that are greater than each of us.   The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research is one such cause.

On August 5th & 6th, the Peerless Group was represented by a team of 50 employees, spouses, children and friends at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.   These generous individuals donated their time/effort before the event to raise awareness and collect support donations from other Peerless employees.  Then, they also donated their time at the 18-hour event – to walk/run to raise additional support for cancer research.
This was the teams first year – but it certainly won’t be their last…  Great job Team Peerless!
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