What does your brand stand for?

I like to go out and visit customers pretty regularly so that I can see first hand, how our equipment  works in the field, how customers use and maintain the machines and what processes our customers use to make their own products with our equipment.  It is always interesting to see how large (er, giant) bakeries work.

Recently, I visited the “World’s Largest Bakery” – it was massive.  They produce a lot of food, in an exceptionally clean environment.  I was very impressed.  But, the best part of the tour was walking into a large open room where they do all their mixing and seeing 10 (yes – that’s right 10!) Peerless mixers in a row mixing product to support a HUGE portion of the bakery.  Hence the title of this post…

The Peerless brand stands for premium quality equipment that is depended upon by large and small bakeries alike.  Peerless stands for equipment that “Just always works”.    Peerless stands as a brand offering uncompromising service.  Peerless stands as a trusted partner to our customers.

What does your brand stand for?

Peerless Mixers in the Food Chain

The Peerless Group manufactures mixers that work around the clock, six or seven days a week in many factories. These mixers produce the dough for a lot of fun and tasty cookies and snack cakes too, as well as dough that becomes the staple for daily sustenance around the world.

Cookies, cakes, bread, muffins, buns, pretzels, energy bars and even pet food and biscuits are made, every day in Peerless Mixers!

Peerless Mixers are dependable parts of the food production process all around the world. From China to the Ukraine, from South Africa to Guatemala and from the US to Brazil – Peerless Mixers and Peters Sandwiching machines span the continents.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peerless customers appreciate the heavy-duty “unibody” frame design for strength and stability, regardless of the load size or dough type.

Peerless mixers come with a standard 1-year warranty and
the Peerless Heavy-duty stainless steel bowl and refrigerated jacket come with
a 5-year warranty.  Those bowls are that good!