Is Protein-Enriched Food the Next Big Thing?

bagelGluten Free was and still is the buzzword in the food industry.  Now we are hearing a new catchword on the horizon.  It’s called protein enriched foods, most notably nutrition bars, cereal, bread, non-dairy beverages and soups.

Protein-enriched foods by definition would be foods that naturally does not have protein or very little and then “enriched” with protein.  Doing so sets up the manufacturer to compete with the perceived “healthy snacks” market.  enriched-flour-foods

This could be the tip fo the iceberg as there are many foods such as bagels, frozen meals people would like to see enriched.

Regardless of the baking need, Peerless Mixers can handle the task.  Visit our website to learn more about the Peerless Mixer Line and how Peerless can help you!

Roller Bar Mixers at Peerless

Peerless Food Equipment is known for the quality bakery equipment that we manufacture.  One of our best known mixer models is the Roller Bar – or High Speed Mixer.  These mixers are ideal for most types of breads, rolls, buns, flour tortillas, croissants, bagels, pizza and english muffins. A single end drive system provides substantial advantages including stronger drives, shafts and bearings, greater bowl tilt flexibility, and a cleaner, more compact design.

The uniquely designed shaft seals are sanitary and easy to remove for quick clean-up and minimal downtime. Heavy duty stainless steel jackets are standard on all Roller Bar Mixer bowls for efficient dough temperature control.

The Roller Bar Agitiator with Breaker Bar helps to sufficently mix the dough without kneading or processing the dough.  The options of a refrigerated bowl, bowl end cooling and Cold Bar Plus technology reduce the heat generated from the mixing process.  Visit here to see a write up of our Roller Bar Mixer in Baking & Snack International in the Horizontal Mixer Showcase.

Custom built Peerless Roller Bar Mixers are available in a variety of optional features for the best, most efficient mix for your product. Other options include our Dough Quality Controller (DQC®) System and our ColdBar® and ColdBarPlus® Refrigeration Systems.